Stephen Dirkes asked me to create/manipulate the illustrations and help with animation on his short film, “Dr. Valentyn Machines a Heart.”

Released just in time for the holiday, Stephen Dirkes presents, “Dr. Valentyn Machines a Heart.”

Two specific tasks were designated for me to work on.

1- circle within the microphone pop filter, which acts as an x-ray device.
For this I created 80 different printed variations of yinyang/heart animation, then physically replaced each one in that circle thingy to give the illusion of changing x-ray frequency and disappearing yinyang to crescent shape and back. 🙂

2- human anatomy stop motion drawing.

Both took hours of work and hundreds of shots to create about a minute of animation. Time consuming but ultimately very rewarding. Check it out !

Go to OBSCURE OBJECT FILMS to view the short film and remixes.

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February 11, 2011

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