DJ VANDAL (NYC) represents for “DRUM AND BASS” on this 42″ by 15″ canvas. FUBZ returns as guest photographer and delivers the high res images for episode 8 of MOTIONGRAFF.

MOTIONGRAFF Episode 8 : Drum And Bass
“DRUM AND BASS” by DJ VANDAL. 42″ by 15″, paint markers. October/2010

Music :
I-Cue feat. T.R.A.C – Next Level Sh*t (DJ VANDAL Re-Edit)
Courtesy of Jungle Sky & Ingenious Music.

Photos by DJ VANDAL & FUBZ
All Audio/Video Editing by Serge Milli aka DJ VANDAL for MOTIONGRAFF.COM

Yes indeedy, MOTIONGRAFF seems to be upping the production quality bigtime with this most recent episode. I decided to give a shout out to the DrumAndBass community by featuring an audio/visual mishmosh of inspiration and creation. 1 canvas, 2 cameras, 4 studio sessions, and 8000 photos later, the DNB episode is complete.

The canvas was the largest to date. This helped alot with resolution issues i was having when using the Nikon Coolpix.  The further out the camera is , the bigger the art area is, the less grainy the final output. Still, i decided to use the images Fubz captured for the majority of the episode.  i created separate movies for each of four sessions that were shot with the Canon 5D Mark2.  All the Nikon shots from all 4 shoots were combined into one movie.  Then i edited together the final output (Episode8) by using footage from these 5 movies.  The result was much greater control over images used and their coordination with the audio is noticeably tighter.

For the audio, i went back to a track that really exemplified the mood of this shoot.  It was Drum And Bass, but still clearly HipHop.  Big shout to I-CUE and T.R.A.C. for allowing me to revisit “That Next Level Sh*t,” a timeless exploration of beats, rhymes, and vibe.

Enjoy some stills from the shoot by clicking the thumbnails below. Til next time…

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October 26, 2010