MOTIONGRAFF Episode 7 : The Tundra Effect

DJ VANDAL (NYC) and JD ONE of BTW make quick work, while FUBZ plays guest photographer, supplying some xtra crispy flix for the 7th episode of MOTIONGRAFF.

Music :
Vocals by T-Swift
Production by xXEXoRc!SMXx
Courtesy of Green Paper Team.

Additional Photos by FUBZ.

MOTIONGRAFF episode 7 was yet another expurrriment with “the process,” which any project coordinator will tell you, is everything.  The usual Nikon CoolPix has served its purpose and i hope to lay it to rest within the next couple of episodes. In the meantime, i will be working with special guest photographers. This will serve a few purposes, the first being my need for high res photos shot by pros that make my amateur lighting look “cozy” or “intimate.”  Also, i consider myself a facile collaborator, so adding another creative into the mix just gives me more ideas in the long run.

FUBZ has been has been feelin’ the show since episode 1, so rather than try to borrow his Canon 5D Mark2, i got the photographer to boot.

JD ONE of the BTW team came through and laid it down quickfast, heckling me about takin’ too long.  🙂

In retrospect, i think the next one i’m goin in for double the time.  Been feelin’ like i really need to flex on something. Got some great tracks lined up and the idearrrrs are brewin’. See ya in a couple…