In Episode 6, DJ VANDAL (NYC) pushes the MOTIONGRAFF concept a step further in this multi-medium collabo with Bisc1.

Music: “Decompression” by Bisc1 off “The Basics EP”


Just when i thought i had my shit together… ha! I contacted someone about borrowing a nice camera for Episode 6 but for some reason once it arrived “on set” it wasnt charging properly. I tried to charge the Nikon CoolPix that i usually use for the show in order to shoot on the roof but THAT charger was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t even shoot the background animation while plugged in to the wall because Stephen Dirkes (yes i’m naming names) accidentally popped the tab off my SD card and locked it.

Luckily, Bisc is a trooper and brought his own Canon point n shoot equipped with its own SD card. We ultimately shot the sequence on the roof with his camera mounted on a tri-pod. A quick initial discussion and we decided to shoot most of the photos with artist outside-frame. An occassional in-frame shot could be scattered about. The sun was to my back so there were no issues with glare so long as we were able to wrap up within a couple of hours. Bisc quickly adapted to the tedious process inherent to stop-motion production. Namely, having to spray a line, then run out of frame, then back and so forth. We did the 340 roof photos over the course of about 100 minutes.

Next up, we set up at my studio and ran through the background image, going tag for tag, snapping 150 flix in about an hour.

I decided to take the multi-medium concept a step further. Rather than use markers or pastels, i would do my bit with motion graphics. I popped Bisc’s piece off the wall, returning it to its buffed state. The white wall fades to a sheet of bristol paper being populated with marker tags. This serves as the new background as the piece emerges from transparency and begins to weave in and out of 2d/3d images.

Stay tuned for Episode 7 in 2 weeks!!

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August 18, 2010