DJ VANDAL (NYC) teams up with special guest, SET of BTW and KRT fame. Vivid colors, better shot control, and much patience. Thanks to Will Tell for hooking up the high quality mixdown of “Swerv” from the Sadat X album, “Wild Cownboys 2.”

Music : “Swerv” off the Sadat X album, “Wild Cowboys 2”. Produced by Will Tell. (Thanks, Will!)


I shot this one from a bit further out so i could properly crop the video to HDTV1080 dimensions.  The result is a much better fit on the screen when you maximize the video.  Rather than use the automatic interval function, we took all the shots manually everytime we added a new line or curve to the drawing.  This preserves continuity throughout the entire video by eliminating any lag time due to choosing colors, taking breaks, etc, but also extended shooting time by a couple hours.  We took care to keep ourselves physically removed from the frame while taking pics and i think that adds to the animated feel.  Also, there are a couple of moments when i had an epiphany regarding how to make the animation a bit more fluid. This is most evident around 0:48 and again around 1:06. All in all, much was learned and the piece came out FIRE !

Thank you, SET, for your patience on this one. It was a learning process for us both. 🙂

High Res scan available below:

“Another MOTIONGRAFF” by DJ VANDAL & SET. 14″ by 17″, mostly markers (ink & paint). June/2010

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July 2, 2010