The time has come to experiment with stop-motion…
I’ve purchased for the purpose of sharing my process with other people interested in doing this sort of presentation.  Here is the first Episode of MOTIONGRAFF:

Photos/Animation by DJ VANDAL of New York City.

Music by I-CUE courtesy of Ingenious Music.

This video features two original pieces that i worked on this week as part of my “MOTIONGRAFF” experiment. Hopefully it can evolve into a regular videocast. For now, here’s the lowdown on Episode 1…

I shot all the photos myself. They are kinda crappy but im working with a Nikon Coolpix and indirect lighting. I did purchase a nice Manfrotto magic arm to mount my camera on:

But, as you can see, i neglected to pick up a superclamp or whatever its called to attach to the other lightstand. Fortunately, this is what masking tape is for:

Hey, dont knock it. It works.  🙂  The rest of the ingredients were Pantone markers, Strathmore’s Smooth Bristol paper, Rusto, Montana, black Sharpie, and a macro tip Uni-ball pen.

The first piece is:

“Kitschy Vandal” by DJ VANDAL. 14″ by 17″, markers and spray paint. June/2010

The second piece is:

“Bloody Summer” by DJ VANDAL & LENE. 14″ by 17″, mostly markers. June/2010

We knocked this out pretty quick. LENE set it off with traditional bubble style and i followed up with my current “wavy style.” You’ll see me pull a few of those out in upcoming posts.


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June 16, 2010