Valentine’s Day 2019

“Valentine’s Day 2019” by VANDAL NYC.


“K2″ hand lettering on 12” vinyl record.


“Frank” by VANDAL NYC


“Autumn” by Serge Milli.


“Maxim” by Serge Milli.


“Amen” by Serge Milli.


“Judas” by Serge Milli.


“Turnt” by Serge Milli.


“Camden” by Serge Milli.


“Xavier” by Serge Milli.

Love Series 2017

“Love Series 2017” by Serge Milli.


“Giana” by Serge Milli.


“Music” by Serge Milli.

Get Money 1 & 2

“Get Money” 1&2 by Serge Milli.


“NYCity” by Serge Milli.

Be Happy

“Be Happy” by Serge Milli.


“Vibes” by Serge Milli.


“Camelia” by Serge Milli.


“Ignacio” by Serge Milli.

Kit Kat

“Kit Kat” by Serge Milli.


“Ella” by Serge Milli.

Annual Pumpkin Carving Night 2013

Annual Pumpkin Carving Night 2013

Heloise & the Savoir Faire

“Dive In” by Heloise & the Savoir Faire. June 2013. Look out for the #V !


  “DJ VANDAL” by J-LO (YNN). JULY 2012

Lila Grace

“LILA GRACE” by JD BTW. February 2012

Fire In Greenpoint

A building on Green Street, just off McGuinness Blvd, caught BIG fire. Hazardous Materials vehicles of all kinds were called i

Sadat X does Karaoke in my shirt

The Dot X drops another episode of True Wine Connossieurs. This one is off the chain, featuring classic karoake from Sadat X.

Did You Know? 001

Did You Know? 001 re: copyright symbol

Photoshop Origins

Some of Photoshop’s original programmers sit around sipping Riunite on ice or somethin and chat it up about the early d

Reclaiming Ad Space

http://gothamist.com/2009/10/25/nyc_street_advertising_takeover_bri.php Interesting post about activists whitewashing billboar


crapulous \KRAP-yuh-lus\, adjective: 1. Given to or characterized by gross excess in drinking or eating. 2. Suffering from or


Codes and Mastro rockin my “Rescue1” design.

Josh Link R.I.P.

Josh Link was a DJ and good friend to many. He loved jungle and house and had a smile for every occasion. I knew him for many


leitmotif \LYT-moh-teef\, noun:   1. In music drama, a marked melodic phrase or short passage which always accompanies th

Brooklyn Rooftop

LENE & VANDAL. Brooklyn, NYC. 2009.

Please Check My References Carefully

PRESSURE : JUNE Installment

flyer collaboration between Bodie Chewning, RageJohnson, and DJ VANDAL.

Obscure Object 3

i collaborate with Tal Shpantzer and Stephen Dirkes on occasion for various creative projects. Tal is a photographer, while St

Chris Murray

new commissioned work: This is the artist that did the “Scarlett” design for MethodsNYC: http://www.chrisbmurray.c

Special Agent Dale Cooper & Audrey Horn

Signed by Kyle 😉

DJ HYPE @ Eat Your Heart Out (videos)

love how he showed up rockin my design 😉 The Light @ www.methodsnyc.com

Chicken Detectives

Pressure : The Party

Click on cover art below to download “Fully Loaded”

Shabaam Sahdeeq

Shabaam Sahdeeq sportin DJ VANDAL’S “The Masters” shirt:

Strictly Substance Fridays

Ioana and FTL host this weekly with features quality hip hop, old and new. This week they will be celebrating FTL and Aileen&#

T.R.A.C. in Methods

T.R.A.C. rockin “Brooklyn Barbarians” by DJ VANDAL 🙂Be on the look out for new material dropping soon featuring

Methods in TimeOut NY

Adam Deitch rockin "Planet Bucktown" by MethodsNYC

… and killin it !

METHODS Spring09 Drop : PRESSURE !

click subject line above to view linesheet !

Blue Velvet (Lego Version)

i’ve seen twin peaks get the lego treatment, but this is new to me 🙂

Methods Artist Series : February Installment

I have been waiting about 10years to see these two maniacs work on something together. You WILL be blown away!

SB is for SuperBlast

By now, many of you are familiar with SuperBlast, our main man out of Berlin, Germany: SB has been staying busy as ever, attra

Clear Ice Cubes Are In Hot Debate

i am a total water snob. i simply cannot drink tap water. i think that in many cases the water is perfectly safe to drink but

Prodigy Sample

Remember this one? 🙂